Energy Saving Programs

Comed Energy Efficiency Program


This is a program developed by Comed to help customers save money and reduce their energy costs. Comed can offer incentives to customers to make energy efficient upgrades to their business. Jack Welling Inc is a service provider for  the Comed Energy Efficiency Program and can implement  solutions to bring down energy costs.

Air Care Plus


Air Care Plus is a program that specializes in commercial HVAC units over 3 tons. We are qualified to to reduce the energy of your HVAC system. We can do a free assessment of your HVAC system to make sure it is running the most efficient way it can. 

Public Sector/Small Facility


This energy saving program is for small public buildings under 100 kilowatts demand. Mainly emphasizing in LED lighting conversion and lighting controls. We can offer a free facility assessment to see if you qualify.